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Dog Daze

Another day, another legal issue. Dr. Stanley Friedrich-Huevos told me recently that his statistics, although not completely compiled at this point, point to the possibility that the Life Studies Institute is, employee for employee, the most investigated educational enterprises in the history of Los Angeles County. I take it as a compliment. They investigated all the great pioneers of change, chances are, (if resources were available and they lived in communities with any significant… Continue

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Fingers Crossed!



The Loomis Goldberg Foundation is proud to announce the nominees for the 2009 Loomis Goldberg Award, given each year to the most outstanding international figure in the field of Lecture-Performance. Ellen St. James, director of communications for the Foundation, said in a prepared statement that "this year's nominees represent a level of… Continue

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Art Explained! Live!

For three nights only, Sept 21, 28, and Oct 5, Preston Maxley will perform his award-winning Lecture-Performance live in Hollywood, CA! In association with the Sacred Fools Theatre Company, against whom all charges have been dropped. Info and reservations at

See the show the Los Angeles times called, "unexpectedly charming" and "genuinely haunting", and about which Dramaturgy Monthly said, "The surprise naked… Continue

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Spaced Out

A ground-breaking achievement for the Life Studies Institute.
I couldn't be more proud.

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Time2 Change Time2

Of course Einstein famously re-defined time for our modern era, or, as I prefer to call it -- redefining it myself -- the era of ephemera. (We currently live in a time where the idea of the time we live in is more important than it ever was, as far as we know.) And of course any effort to disprove that theory only reinforces it, so you won’t win this argument, Dr. Toppler (our debate team coach -- she’s fantastic, but loves to argue with me… Continue

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The Art of the Interview

Enjoy this remarkable document, prepared expressly for you by the hard-working faculty at the SFVLSI.

Timely stuff.

Click the link below to view at your own pace.


maxley art of… Continue

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day of the condor

The Life Studies Institute is proud to announce that we’ve made some major changes to our condor observation studies program for this year. Chief among them is the addition of a new viewing platform built on county land through a unique under-the-radar land-use provision that we’ve been informed is fully protected from liability, so we don’t anticipate any problems like we had last year. As ever, this exciting field of condor management remains… Continue

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Today Dr. Weeks and I were talking about preconceptions. About going into an occasion with a pre-conceived notion of what is supposed to happen. In fact, when he stepped into my office, he had supposed that I was going to give him the new plum assignment at the Experiment Shed, the one all the faculty members are fighting over (more on that in a moment) and in short, I didn’t. He was not pleased, and although he is a remarkably composed fellow in most respects, when he’s got his feet and the… Continue

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hypnotized by power!

Why do powerful government and corporate interests insist that hypnotherapists be licensed in this state? Whom are the fat cats trying to control? And what are the financial and legal ramifications for the kind of high-caliber hypno-artists the Institute’s H.A. Practitioner program have trained? Are they to be denied the basic rights that hypnotists have always enjoyed in free societies from the beginnings of professional mesmerism in the… Continue

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Dr. Stephen Weeks, an important and respected part of our institute team, was once again subjected to unfair and malicious harassment by the "authorities." Is it any coincidence that this brutal attack on his civil liberties happened to coincide with his announcement that he would be commencing research on a new anti-surveillance technology that would allow ordinary citizens to be more aware of when they are the subject of intrusive electronic meddling? Many think not! The Institute legal team… Continue

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