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Another day, another legal issue. Dr. Stanley Friedrich-Huevos told me recently that his statistics, although not completely compiled at this point, point to the possibility that the Life Studies Institute is, employee for employee, the most investigated educational enterprises in the history of Los Angeles County. I take it as a compliment. They investigated all the great pioneers of change, chances are, (if resources were available and they lived in communities with any significant bureaucratic infrastructure.)

Anyway, now it's our Dog Trainer Training Program. Yes, it's new and its style is unlike anything the average person has seen before. But the real reason the Deputy Assistant District Attorney is investigating? We stand to take over a huge government contract for training police dogs if our methods are proven more effective and the bidding process is allowed to go forward without the insider manipulation that has been the hallmark of this procedure for the last 22 years. Yep, it all boils down to money.

It's not just not biting the hand that feeds you, it's biting the ass of the upstart that dares to upturn your gravy train, Heinke Training Corporation and LAPD! I say it's time to put the Deputy DA on a leash!

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